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Accelerated Selling: Speed up Your Customer's Buying Cycle

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About the course

Looking for a new more effective, faster, and easier method for selling your products or services?

If you are in professional outside sales, an entrepreneur, or in marketing…this course is for you!

There is an often overlooked “Secret” to professional selling--the quickest way to speed up your Sales Cycles is to “Fast Track” your prospect’s Buying Journey.

Whether you need to influence others to adopt your ideas or buy your products, this course will provide you with a powerful “Buyer’s Mind” blueprint to accelerate your prospect’s Buying Journey and trigger Buying Behaviors that accelerate your Sales Cycles!

You will dig deep into the psychology of buying and selling, learn the phases that a prospect’s mind must pass through to adopt your ideas, and create a strategic acceleration plan that will help you sell your products and services faster than your competition can sell theirs!


In this interactive workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Maximize their prospect’s mental Buying Journey to accelerate the sales process.
  • Engineer the first five phases to accelerate customer acquisition before a Sales Call.
  • Engineer the remaining four phases to retain and leverage their best customers.
  • Avoid the hidden progression that undermines all buying decisions.
  • Optimize the seven concepts that prospects really “Buy” by “Pre-Selling” them.
  • Uncover the Five Psychological Drivers of Adoption that trigger buying behavior.
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls responsible for sales “Stalls.”
  • Identify their most effective “Sales Accelerators” and avoid their most destructive “Sales Decelerators.”


Participants will use the revolutionary new Adoption Curve Model to:

  • Create an enticing, rewarding and accelerated Buying Journey for their prospects.
  • Accelerate their Sales Cycles.
  • Develop powerful influence strategies for both within and outside of their Sales Calls .
  • Drive their customer’s most desirable buying behaviors.
  • Leverage key buying decisions in their favor.
  • Retain, build and leverage their most important sales relationships.
  • Align all sales and marketing efforts.

Who should attend

This course is valuable for:

  • Sales & Sales Management Professionals
  • Traditional & Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Advertising, Public Relations & Event Planning Professionals
  • Non-Profit Strategists

Trust the experts

Rick Simoni

Rick Simoni is the founder and president of the Sales Co., a sales system consulting firm specializing in Sales Cycle and Buying Journey Acceleration. The singular focus of Rick’s career has been on the development and execution of world-class systems for sales onboarding, sales training, produc...


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