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Accelerate High Performance Culture Through Coaching

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About the course

(formerly known as Driving Positive Work Culture through Empowered Coaching)


One of the most pivotal elements in driving a positive work culture is team engagement. Amongst the myriad forms of team engagement: Recognizing talents, motivating and developing staffs are often rated the most challenging tasks faced by managers. In the current competitive setting, managers have to lead teams that are made up of highly diversified profiles, diverse cultures, sometimes staffs from remote locations. The term of engagement will take on a completely different level, instead of the conventional tried and tested methods. The two day programme will take you through one of the most critical capability building development for Managers - Executive Coaching. We will work towards the removal of fear for coaching, wrong execution of coaching ad build confidence on coaching to build a more effective and engaged team.

Benefits to You


By acquiring Executive Coaching Skills, Managers will be able coach their team members in the area of project management, client management and elevating team members’ job skills. These are task which took up a lot of time in the past when Managers have to personally intervene. In totally, the productivity of the team members and Managers themselves will move up several notches.

Revenues will increase from:

  • Better client management and client retention
  • Project Management: improved timeline, freeing up more time to take on more projects
  • Improved productivity when team members build confidence through new skills acquired


APPLICATION: Model and tools for staff engagement & development strategies

COMPREHEND: 360 perspective to staff development and effective appraising approach

CARRY OUT: Coaching for optimal performance in a diversified workforce

DIFFERENTIATE :Appreciating the dynamics of various forms of staff development

DEFINE : Identifying the qualities that drives a positive work culture

ANALYSIS :Overcoming fear and reservations towards coaching

Understanding one’s coaching style

APPLICATION: Building confidence and skill sets in taking on coaching

DEVELOP: Mastering the skills in engaging staffs through coaching

DISTINGUSH: Overcoming cross cultural difference

•SUPPORT :Making a commitment to effective coaching for positive work culture

Programme Outline

Coaching, Training and Mentoring: Similarities and differences

Characteristics of positive work culture

Benefits of Talent Development through Coaching

Equation of executive Coaching

Managing Cross Cultural difference

Team engagement through coaching and feedback

Who should attend

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

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Geoy May Li

Geoy May Li brings over 10 years of expertise in Human Capital Development and Advancing Service Excellence in her role as a Facilitator and Consultant. A strategic advisor to Executives, Managers & Leaders from multinational corporations and public sectors, May Li is passionate about sharing...


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