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About the course

Personal transformation is at the heart of organizational change

Senior executives often don’t have enough time or the necessary tools to reach their potential when it comes to their own health and wellbeing. The growing interest in executive wellbeing solutions means that we are witnessing a wave of self-help tricks and fast track solutions – and it is increasingly difficult to assess their quality, impact or scientific base.

At the same time, organizational health (healthy teams and a healthy culture) has become an imperative for growth and sustainable business success in the complex modern world. This requires new types of leadership skills where both personal wellbeing and organizational health are prerequisites.

What happens when Aalto EE joins forces with some of the world’s leading health and wellbeing experts from Healthy Boss?

The Aalto Healthy Boss program equips participants with the sophisticated leadership skills required to achieve outstanding business results and ensure transformation. Based on decades of experience and science, the program gives participants tools that will help them achieve and maintain the highest level of wellbeing and thereby extend their careers and increase performance.

The learning path follows two streams simultaneously: organizational transformation and personal transformation. Our hand-picked world-class faculty ensure that the content is based on the latest research as well as cutting-edge blended-learning methods so that participants can grow into world-class transformational leaders, while the personal transformation stream will help senior executives to stay at the top of their game now and in the future

A unique compilation of state-of-the art approaches – we link the leadership and business challenges that senior executives face today with a comprehensive framework of health, wellbeing and self-development

World-class experts with extensive experience – we bring together world-class experts with a total of 150 years of experience working with CEOs and Fortune 500 companies to maintain and improve the wellbeing of the most precious assets of any company – its people

Strong individual and organizational perspectives – ensuring both healthier and longer working lives for individual executives and increased performance and competitive advantage for their organizations.

Contents and Schedule

The Aalto Healthy Boss program provides participants with cutting-edge, scientifically tested, robust approaches. The extensive program consists of four face-to-face modules with high-quality learning methods both inside and outside the classroom. The program lasts approximately one year and we meet face-to-face every 2–3 months in different, inspiring surroundings.

Between modules, participants work on their new healthier habits with the support of an advanced, cutting-edge digital tool. The tool ensures that participants have a coach with them every day of their journey. It integrates leading wearable devices which effortlessly gather all the data needed to improve and maintain wellness.

Me as a Leader

  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Balancing life and leadership
  • The seven elements of wellbeing
  • Tailored development programs and nutrition

Lead and Empower Others

  • Creating and maintaining high-performing teams
  • Group dynamics and relationship building
  • Catalyzing innovation in teams
  • Learning from sports: coaching a winning team
  • Tools for physical and mental wellbeing

Lead networks, lead in networks

  • Leading in complex systems
  • Influencing in networks and insights into behavioral cues
  • Broadening one’s authentic behavioral range to influence effectively in different contexts
  • Neuroscience and top performance
  • Train-the-brain

Lead transformation

  • Instilling organizational agility and changeability
  • Building healthy organizational cultures
  • Transformational leadership
  • Mastering own sleep and recovery
  • The journey so far: personal transformation and the next steps

Who should attend

The Aalto Healthy Boss program is for senior executives and management team members who want to see a change towards better health both in themselves and in their organizations.

Trust the experts

Pekka Mattila

Dr. Pekka Mattila serves as a Professor of Practice at the Aalto University School of Business. He works frequently with both European and Asian executive audiences on themes of strategic management and agility, strategy co-creation, business model innovation, executive leadership, top team dynam...


Melissa Jones Briggs

Teaching Statement Melissa Jones Briggs combines performance technique with social science research to provide actionable insight into how one’s behaviors and nonverbal cues affect everyday personal and business interactions. Her students examine their relationship to power, authority and status...


Ben Nothnagel

Ben Nothnagel is an expert in self-development and applied neuro-science and has been a member of Aalto EE’s faculty for many years. His concepts of applied neuro-science have also been incorporated into the leadership development programs of many global corporations. He is an Attorney at Law, a...


Fabian Sepulveda

New ventures have the potential to change the world. They are exciting, energizing, even addictive adventures that emerge on their own or inside existing organizations. Yet only a handful of them succeed, and nobody knows in advance those that will make it. Chances are the unprepared will fail. T...


Graham Ward

Graham Ward is Adjunct Professor of Leadership at INSEAD Business School in France. His expertise is in leadership, high performance teams, group dynamics, team dysfunction and change. Teaching modules include the psychology of leadership, fair process in teams, sustainable relationship building ...


Vernon Williams

Vernon B. Williams serves as an MD, Sports Neurology at the Healthy Boss. He joined Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic 1997 and is a consulting Team Physician to the Los Angeles Rams, Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Sparks, KISS and Anaheim Ducks. Dr. Williams is an active educator on sports neurology and c...


Marko Yrjovuori

Marko Yrjövuori is the CEO and Founder of Healthy Boss. As a wellness and sports medicine professional, Marko has worked with the highest level athletes and teams in the world. Yrjövuori was a member of the medical staff of the NHL team Los Angeles Kings (athletics trainer and sports therapist 2...


Markku Partinen

Prof Markku Partinen is a neurologist and an internationally well-known opinion leader and expert in sleep research and sleep medicine. He is currently working as Research Director of the Helsinki Sleep Clinic, Vitalmed Research Centre. He works also at Haartman Institute, University of Helsinki,...


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