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A Proven Product Support Strategy

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Nov 12—15
4 days
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
USD 4200
USD 1050 per day


This course focuses on understanding, establishing and executing a performance-based life cycle product support strategy. It is based on research sponsored by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney and Raytheon. The course is intended for corporate managers working with defense department counterparts.

Key Objectives

Through the integration of classroom instruction and discussion, complemented by real-world examples, these are the key takeaways and capabilities we want you to have:

  • Understand the “how and why” that leads to success with performance-based product support (a win-win construct) enabled by industry profit incentives and government performance improvements combined with long-term cost reduction
  • Understand the government budget, funding, availability, and sustainment environment and challenges that can prompt government willingness to consider PBL
  • Exploration of how PBL is a capture tool with many degrees of freedom that can lead to more profitable contracts, for both new and legacy programs
  • Familiarity with the government statutory, policy, and guidance supporting and constraining the use of PBL
  • Exploration of how PBL can be thought of as a contractor-managed DoD supply chain, inclusive of inventory management, maintenance and repair, transportation, reliability improvement, sustainability engineering, and technical support
  • Awareness of the advantages of PBL for both the customer and supplier in comparison with traditional product support methods and strategies
  • A thorough understanding of business arrangements including roles, responsibilities, relationships, statutory requirements, risk allocation, work allocation, constraints, enablers, and the associated contracting types, terms, and conditions that enable success

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Detailed Description
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